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In software

By Andrew

xScope 3.0

On 19, Jan 2012 | No Comments | In software | By Andrew

The latest xScope was released today.  Previously I’ve not had much use for an application like this, as Photoshop provided many of it’s features. Now however, things have changed. This update brings 70+ changes to this graphic designers toolkit.

Created specifically for designers & developers, xScope offers a powerful set of tools that are ideal for measuring, inspecting, & testing on-screen graphics and layouts. One of those new features is the ability to mirror graphics from your desktop directly to your iPad or iPhone using the iOS companion app xScope Mirror. What sets this feature apart from other applications that do this similar trick, is that you can lock the application and position of the application on the iOS devices screen, and now matter what windows you put in front of it on your desktop, or where you move the screens on your desktop, on the iOS device everything will be right where you told it to be.

In addition, the loupe now has the ability to sample more than one color from any pixel shown on your monitor. Save out all those color samples as a pallet for any other programs use.

Check it out at

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